Darin 1

Darin Shapiro – The Legend is back!

[I’m going to write the post in english as I would like the whole world to know my opinion.]

When I’m thinking about Darin Shapiro I’m automatically thinking of the begining of wakeboarding. And not only that, but this guy is actually one of the first riders that I saw wakeboarding and just blew my mind. His style is unbelievable and the height he uses for the tricks is AMAZING!

He invented tricks, he developed the sport, he was and still is an idol for so many, and this year, at the age of 40 – Darin “The Amazing” Shapiro is back!!!

Yes, he’s back in the competitions and this is something you wanna follow. I’m pretty sure he’ll continue to blow our minds and do a lot for our sport. And not only him, but his son Kien also. As this is the reason why Darin got back – his son. Kien is only 6, but we already can see he inherited the love for wakeboarding from his dad.

For me, Darin’s coming-back is something that I secretly wanted and to be honest when he announced it I was ecstatic!!!

To follow Darin’s competition life checkout his FaceBook page.

Thank you for coming back Darin!