Darin Shapiro

What means to be a Champion

Not everybody can conquer 12 times the World Champion title in a sport, in fact very few people can achieve 1 World Champion title in their life time. And all these people should be treated with highly respect as it takes a very special kind of person to be the best in the world.

But to be the 12 times wakeboard World Champion is an amazing achivement and that person is definately an amazing person, a really impressive character and an awesome competitor – Darin Shapiro or how I like to call him Darin “The Amazing” Shapiro!

To me this guy is a constant inspiration, is one of the reasons I got into this sport, is the type of person I wish all my friends can be!

It’s a huge honour for me to call him – my friend!

Check out his blog www.DarinShapiro.me and see for yourself why “Life is about the journey”

Darin Shapiro

Photo credits: Tanya Pavlis – Sideways.com